Sleek Summer Hairstyles

Sleek Summer Hairstyles

Stylish, Sleek Hair Styles at Cutting It Hair Salon in Chertsey

Are you looking for an easy, low maintenance hairstyle this Summer? A style that you can add a bit of glamour to without too much effort? Look no further than these sleek hair ideas from Cutting It Hair Salon in Chertsey.

Straight & Simple Hairstyles

Straight hairstyles look great on hair that is shiny and healthy, so we always recommend investing some time and effort into keeping your locks healthy. Why not visit our online store to see what haircare treats we have for you?Frizzy, damaged hair with split ends will ruin the look of a straight hairstyle, so it’s important to book regular trims with your favourite Cutting It stylist.

Slicked Back Hair

This on-trend style is here to stay for the the Summer. It’s super-glam and super-easy – simply brush your hair ’til it’s smooth before using your hair straighteners (with plenty of heat protection spray) for straight, smooth hair. Then run some gel through your straightened hair with a comb to give it a ‘wet look’.

Sleek Ponytails

If you like straight hair, but the gel look doesn’t do it for you, you can use a low ponytail to show off your sleek hair instead. Wear it tied simply at the nape of your neck or to one side and wrap some hair around the band to hide it. This is a great summer style as it’ll keep you cooler, and it’s perfect for the office, or for going out.

Book Your Summer Hair Appointment

Next time you’re at our hair salon in Chertsey, ask your stylist to recommend their favourite products to get your hair in the best shape possible for Summer. We offer specialist treatments for injecting moisture into dry, damaged hair. Simply call us on 01932 570 596.